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Nessacity of changing lifestyle for better health management.

Lifestyle changes first then diet for effective health management:

Due to the enormous amount of
information about diet ubiquitous on the internet, people who yearn to lead healthy lives end up being confused as to which diet will help them achieve their goals mostly weight management. The
pendulum of which "diet" works keeps swinging back and forth. People try to adapt to different diets but only a few are lucky to find one that helps them to successfully manage their health. 

Diet debate almost dying:

The diet debate is almost extinct. Every now and then, people trying to reduce weight through dieting confess "cheating on their diets". The major reason behind failing to keep up with a diet plan is that the plan is not parallel to the person's lifestyle. Often, lifestyle is the best ally when it comes to eating and living healthy.
A diet that goes well with your lifestyle is easy to maintain.
The realization that lifestyle comes before diet is triggered by the knowledge that the body is not a machine that efficiently produces output according to the input.
Body systems are integrated in such a way that improvement of the whole depends on how well all the systems are coordinated..For example, a person desiring to reduce weight may take healthy food always but
fail to handle emotional distress
According to research, stress leads to weight gain in some people. Having a lifestyle that supports the well-being of the entire body is the only way to achieve healthy living.

Researchers suggest that lifestyle comes before diet:

World renowned researchers like Bradley Appelhans of the Rush University Medical Center and Sherry Pagoto of the University of Massachusetts Medical have suggested an end to the diet debates that are so frequent in weight management circles. In their journals, they write that different diets
are equally good as they are bad in helping one lose weight. They support their case that lifestyle changes can collectively handle diet and other aspects of healthy

Nutritionists' case studies:
In support of the case of lifestyle over diet, many nutritionists have indicated instances when some of their clients have tried different diets but fallen over the wagon. The result of such failure is discouragement and frustration. Pro-lifestyle nutritionists are more concerned with helping a client develop a plan that they can follow while they make new lifestyle changes. They note that the greatest problem associated with weight
and health management is adherence.

Effective lifestyle changes:
Lifestyle changes such as exercise,
positive thinking, keeping food records and focusing on progress rather than perfection are the ultimate solution to health management. If one is able to make
and enhance these lifestyle changes, it becomes very easy to follow diet plans that help them to achieve the overall objective of health management.

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