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Don Juan is a typical Byronic hero in "Don Juan".

Byronic hero is different from a stereotype or traditional hero. A traditional hero is a man of extra ordinary personality who fight for the of his nation and tries to establish justice and peace in the society. Byron wants to expose hypocrisy and corruption high society through his hero. So he selects an uncommon type of hero:

I want a hero; an uncommon want.

In the Byronic hero are represented the essential qualities and caracteristics that were found in Byron himself. The Byronic heroes are projections of Byron's own personality, his likings and disliking, his hatreds and antipathies . Juan, the Byronic hero, is Byron's mouthpiece through whom he satirises the existing society. Juan falls in love with Julia who is a woman of twenty-three, married to Alfonso, a man of fifty. He cannot satisfy her physical demand, so she
falls in love with Juan to pluck sensual pleasure from him. Thus Juan serves the purpose of a satirist by saying that the marriage of unequal age and different mentality cannot bring peace for the couple.
Through Juan's illicit physical relation with Julia, Byron satirises the arranged marriage between two persons of unequal age.

The Byronic hero is a rogue and so is Juan. He is a mischief making monkey from his birth. He is given education. The syllabus of his education is designed by his mother. In the syllabus she includes the works of the great authors. In the syllabus there was no text which has the least touch of sexuality. Besides, he was not allowed to mix with the bad boys. In spite of that, Juan becomes a rogue. His later life is dominated by sexual love. He does not mind establishing physical relation with a mother-like married woman, Julia, who is his mother's friend.

The Byronic hero is an embodiment of restlessness and Juan is Seen restless at the embarrassing moment when he surprisingly realises his passion for Julia. The pensive pressure of his mind makes him sad and it appears that his heart has withered, and the capacity for happiness gone to melancholy. But his soul opens itself fully to pluck the pleasure of the passionate love and then enjoys the pleasure of sex.

The Byronic hero represents pride and bravery. He is indomitable. He loves freedom and revolts against oppression and estraint. Similarly, Juan wants to be defeated by nobody. When he is detected by Alfonso in the bed chamber of Julia, he boldly faces the situation. Alfonso wants to kill him with his sword. But Juan, Doring the threat of the sword, knocks Alfonso down and causes to
ea blood from his nose. Beating Alfonso, Juan managed to flee but at the cost of his only dress.

The Byronic hero is very much adventurous. He is brave enough to set sail to the unknown seas as well as for uncertain life. The story of Don Juan is the story of adventure of its hero, Juan. When he is caught red handed by Alfonso in Julia's bed chamber, his mother orders him to travel across various European countries in order to rectify his past morality or gain new morality.

Thus Byronic hero is the reflection of Byron himself. He represents immorality, sexuality, bravery, pride, restlessness, wickedness, melancholy, freedom, opposition to oppression and restraint.

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