Romanticism in Tennyson's poetry.

Tennyson son

The poets of the Victorian period were more or less influenced by Romanticism. This is also true for Tennyson. Yet, as the poet of a different age, he is likely to show the spirit of his own age too. Romanticism is a movement away from the Neo-classical literature. It stresses the individuality and imagination of a writer. The Romantic poets showed a new awareness to external nature and a humanitarian outlook to man and society.
Love for Nature:
Like, the Romantic poets, Tennyson finds joy in the beauty of natural landscape, He is famous for portraying vast canvas of nature’s beauty By employing very few words. For instance, in his ' poem “The Lotos Eaters”, he depicts the beautiful landscape of the lotos island. The island is “A land of streams”, having “three mountain-tops” and “charmed sunset”. The mariners become so fascinated by the beauty of the island that they abandon’their plan to go home and wish to stay there forever.
Yet, Tennyson’s age was marked by various scientific discoveries. As a result, people became interested in the factual detail of the external objects. Tennyson does not iind any spiritual presence in nature. However, Tennyson accepts the influence of nature on human mind. For example, in “The Locksley Hall”, the advent of the Spring arouses love in the heart of the speaker and his cousin, Amy.
Disgust at present Society:
Like the Romantic poets, Tennyson expresses his disgust at the present society where the evil of class distinction was dominant. In the romantic vein, the hero of the poem “Locksley Hall” denounces the materialistic tendency of the people of his time. He wishes to escape into some remote Pacific islands and marry a girl of that . island to produce “a dusky race". However, immediately after, he boasts of the glory of England with its imperialism and racism.
Love for Mythology:
Tennyson shows his interest in the Greek myths. He used the Ulysses myth on several occasions to express. his own attitudes towards life. In the poem “The Lotos Eaters” is found symbolic treatments of separation from the natural course of life. The “travelling” figure of Ulysses gets away to an unknown land of fruit and flowers in the poem. This is a clear expression of a characteristic of Tennyson-a certain life-weariness, a longing for rest and oblivion. To him it was a fact of life, though a regrettable one.
“Locksley Hall” is a notable poem by Tennyson. In it a lover expresses frustration for his failure in love. The speaker was in love with a girl named Amy. His passion for her was intense. She expressed her passion for him also. But because of her parent’s objection she changed her mind and agreed to many another person. Her faithlessness affected her lover’s mind greatly. In this poem he expresses the depth of his feeling by narrating the days of his love making. '
Romantic Style:
Tennyson’s artistic skill also corresponds to that of the Romantics, especially Keats. His poetry is characterised by fine phrases, pictorial qualities, sweet music and' innovative style. But he is not a true romantic. In his poetry. there‘ is a balance between romantic and classical qualities.

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