Francis Bacon as a man of Renaissance.

Though Renaissance began in 1453, it's effect on English life and Literature was felt after 1500. For this reason it is generally accepted that Renaissance period began with the beginning of the 16th century and continued till 1660.  This period is called the Renaissance period because Renaissance spirit was the main force that characterized the Literature of that time. During Renaissance, the ancient learning started reviving. The revival of classical knowledge is called Renaissance. It's features are
Curiosity about more Knowledge.

Desire for unlimited wealth.

Desire for unlimited power.

Love for adventures.

Humanities and the past.

Thrists for scientific and logical argument.

Bacon (1562-1626) can aptly called a Renaissance figure from different considerations. The works of Bacon backed the above claim. Here it will be discussed how Renaissance had influenced Bacon. To take the instances from “Essays” of Bacon, it is found that Bacon argued on the basis of some logical and scientific methods and processes.  In the essay “Of Truth” people are used to see truth from Religious or metaphysical perspectives. Bacon established the secular aspects of speaking truths. In the essay “Of Love” Bacon did not take the conventional way of argument. He explored that love has several manifestations. The lower catagory of love is wanton love focused on single person. It is quite absert to spent time for the cause of little idol i.e. women. Man is created for more than this-  “fore contemplation of heaven and all noble objects”. Yet there has the chance to get affected by love. Sometimes even the carefully persons cannot get rid of it. But the point is they have to limit the degree of expression in love. Otherwise it can degrade the nature and the value of things.

The degradation of nature and value of a person is done for the exaggeration that lover is supposed to do for making his beloved pleased. This “speaking in perpetual” returns him as divident in terms of creating the habit of flattery and pride in him. Both flattery and pride do accelerate the downward pace of a person. Citing examples from the past, the author says that being engaged brings nothing but proverty and ignorance. This is how love is worst catagory downgrades the human beings.

In the essay “Of Plantations” Bacon supported Colonization - a burning problem in Europe. The foundation of British Empire was being laid at that time. Supporters of colonization dealt with the problems relating to the plantations of newly discovered country and the relationship between the savages and white settlers. The author strongly suggested that in initial years of plantation, the colonizers should not think of getting any profit from colony. The logic as presented by the author is that if the profits are drawn from the plantation, it would be destroyed and the rule could not be root in the soil. Bacon remarks “For the principal thing that hath been the distraction of most plantation, hath been the base and hasty drawing of profit in the first year”. History supports the idea too. From this perspective, it is  better not to take any profit or dividend the newly planted area. So it is seen that Bacon established the Renaissance values through his works.

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