Francis Bacon as an expedient thinker.

The extract from Ben Johnson states that Francis Bacon express himself so neatly and precisely that the readers often has got attracted to his “Essays”. The message that Bacon wanted to convey through his works is so weighty that it has become a source of inspiration for the common readers for ages. In fact, there is the stamp of greatness upon these essays.

The question may arise what makes Bacon such an expedient thinker among his contemporaries. The first cause of his being so expedient for the readers for generation is that his methods and processes of inquiry. Second reason is Bacon's unique style of expression. Third cause is the theme on which he chooses to talk about.

With the sixteenth century, the modern world begins. The spirit of it's religion, it's philosophy and it's science is the spirit of our age. Reason was asserting against authority. Bacon was one of the foreunners of his interesting age. A close reading of the essays -- “Of Love”, “Of Truth”, “Of Marriage and Single Life” and “Of Plantations” makes it clear that Bacon looked at the problems and the issues of the day from different perspective. He followed a scientific method in dealing with the subjects such as truth, love, Marriage and plantation. These themes for discussion were widely popular one of that time. In case of discussing about truth, he though referred to religion, ultimate came out of the maze metaphysics, as he argued that God has created man in his own image. In the beginning of creation, God also created the truth. For this reason truth is source of all inspirations and it is more abiding, sustainable and gives joy to human beings. On the other hand, God also created the notion of false. Like the creation of Angle and Satan, in the human world here are two ideas-- truth and falsehood. It is up to the conscience of human being what he would take. So what Bacon emphasized is that it is man who is eventually responsible for his or her choice between rights and wrong.

Similarly, in the essay, “Of Marriage and Single Life” he was unbiased in defending both the positions of a man-- being married or single. Marriage is one of oldest institutions if human civilisation. In sixteenth century, when submission to religion was a common practice, Bacon argued harshly on the question of being married and Single. The author suggests that marriage is the great obstacle to good friendship. As an unmarried person has no bindings or does not have any pull factors behind him that can impede him or her. As a result, he can be the best master and servents. They need not be concerned about the future. But it would be tough to get this unmarried person tamed. It is for two reasons: one, he enjoys freedom. Second, once he tastes freedom , he doesn't want to be tamed and he under any compulsion. From this perspective, the author says that a single person is the best friend, best master; but not always best subject.

Therefore it is evident that the expedience of Bacon has been felt because of uniqueness his style and the topics that he chose to discuss. Ben Jonson aptly marked about Bacon: “No man ever spoke more neatly, more precisely, more weightily, or more suffered less emptiness, less idlenss, in what he uttered”.

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