Spectator's Account on Himself : Summary

To satisfy the curiosity of the general readers, who most of the times want to know about some personal details of the writer of a book, he gives some personal information. They want to know about him because they think that this type of information help them to understand the book better.

First of all he gives information about his early childhood. The Spectator was born in an estate which he got from his father as heir. From the ancient time, this estate is being given by father to son without dividing. Before his birth, his mother dreamt that he would be a judge when he grew older. And after his born, his behavior indicate that he would fulfill his mother's dream, because he was serious from his early age. He was a good student and his school master was pleased with his performance. At University he had separated himself with silance. His silance broke seldom. He was so hard working student that he was acquainted with almost all books.

Now he describes about his forign tour. Leaving University after his father's death, he set out for a Europe tour. All his tour's purpose was to know something from every new place. Regarding the antiquity of Egypt, he had been very curious, because there was many controversies over the pyramids there. To satisfy this curiosity, he went there and enjoyed pyramids.

Many times he visited almost all the resorts of public in London. Though he had many friends, he visited all the coffee houses and tried to note about on going events there. He also visited many famous theaters of London.

Wherever he found few people, he mixed with them without taking rather hearing or observing them. He played a role of observer and this quality gave him a kin observing power. He could easily find out the mistakes of a game then the players themselves. He never supported any political party.

He thought that a man like him should write for public to help them by his knowledge and experience. And he took a decision that every morning he would write a sheet about his thoughts and experiences because he did not wanted to share orally. He would thus communicate with people by his writing and he would satisfy himself saying that his life had not been a vain.

Lastly he says that, he doesn't want to reveal his identity and some  other personal information.

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