Myth of Eros (Cupid)

Eros was the God of love . Though there is doubt about his parentage, it is generally agreed that he was the son of Venus (Aphrodite) and Ares (Mars) . He was a handsome, winged youth who always carried two kinds of arrows; one type was made of gold with very sharp point and the other type was made of lead with blunt point. Whenever he shot an arrow to someone with sharp pointed golden arrow, the person aimed fell madly in love with the person intended by Eros. But when he shot someone with the blunt arrow, the person struck with that felt strong disgust at love and tried to flee away. However, once he himself fell in love with Psyche whom he married after a long struggle. He is also called Love. Eros's myth inspired many artworks of famous artists including Michelangelo.

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