Athena or Athene (Minerva)

Athena is Goddess of War, wisdom, agricultural, craft, art and literature. She was the daughter of Zeus and Metis had conceived, Zeus thought that the child (Athena) in her womb would be powerful enough to destroy him. So , he swallowed Metis. Later Athena sprang from from his head full grown. She made use of bridle to tame horses. She invented the plough, the yoke, the ship, the chariot, the trumpet, and the fluet. The owl is her permitted bird . The olive is her permitted tree. Athens is her favorite city. She was one of the three maiden Goddesses for which she was given the title “Pallas” meaning maiden. She was one of the three claimants of the Golden Apple. When Paris selected Aphrodite as the fairest , Athena became the enemy of Aphrodite and all her favourites. In the Trojan war Athena supported the Greeks because Aphrodite supported the Trojans, especially Paris and Helen.

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