A short note on Caesura.

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A break or pause in the rhythmic progression in a verse line is called Caesura. It is indicated by the mark ”II” as is shown in the following examples:
“The boast of heraldry , || the pomp of power,
And all that beauty , || all that wealth e'er gave,”
(Gray: “Elegy”)
“Where  are the songs of Spring?|| Ay , where are they?
Think not of them,|| thou hast thy music too,”
(Keats : “To Autumn”)
“In friendship false,|| implacable in hate,
Resolved to ruin || or to rule the state;”
(Dryden: “Absalom and Achitophel”)
“To err is human, || to forgive is divine.” (Pope: “An Essay on Criticism”)
Caesura is used to bring variety in the natural rhythm. It also produces metrical subtlety and makes meanings sharp and distinct.

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