In classical time, dramas were mainly divided between two types
1. Tragedy
2. Comedy
Tragedy represents the deep sorrows of life while comedy the entertaining aspects of life.
But either of them cannot adequately represent life because life is the mixture of the two. No one be consistently happy or unhappy. The charms of life depend on how it can produce the pleasure and pain. A continuous happiness of life is boring and the continuous sorrow is destructive. That is why, God has made life a mixture of sufferings and enjoyment to be sweet.

Shakespeare is the most comprehensive dramatist of all dramatists , at least of all the modern dramatists. So, he does not confine himself to the traditional division of drama. In his play Shakespeare gives a comprehensive and total view of life. So, he wrote neither true tragedies or true comedies so far as the subject matter of the drama is concerned. His dramas are Tragi-comedy. Although it existed in the classical period, it receives the best treatment at the hands of Shakespeare. Instead of losing the splendidness of dramatic arts he has rather perfected it. “The Merchant of Venice” is an excellent example of  Shakespeare’s conception of Tragi-comedy.

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