S form of drama which presents the fall of a superior human being for a mistake of some . Aristotle’s definition is given below:
“ Tragedy is….a representation of an action that is worth serious attention,
Complete in itself, and of some amplitude ; in language enriched by variety
Of artistic devices appreciate to the several parts of the play; presented in
the form of an action not narration: by means of pity and fear bringing about
the purgation of such emotions” (Poetics, Chapter VI)

The common features of the tragedy are:
1. Its story involves serious aspect of mankind and demands serious attention.
2. It usually shows a highly reputed person's fall into misery for a flaw in his character.
3. The action movies from order  to disorder.
4. Its aim at purgation of pity and fear of the audience.
5. There must be a conflict in it
6. Its tone is serious. 
There e several kinds of tragedy: Tragi-comedy, heroic tragedy, senecan tragedy, revenge tragedy, etc.

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