The Character of Portia ( The Merchant of Venice)

Portia is one of the few women characters drawn by Shakespeare who glorifies themselves by will and charm. In Portia it is intellect Kindled into romance by a poetical imagination. Her sense of wit is note-worthy. She possesses noblest and most lovable qualities that could be found together in women. She is an embodiment of talent intellect, feeling, wisdom , beauty, gentleness and tenderness. She is endowed with all delightful qualities. Her qualities are innate and distinguished her from others. She is full of wisdom, tenderness and lively wit. She is never known want, grief, fear or disappointment. Her affections are all mixed up with faith, hope, and joy. It is well known that “The Merchant of Venice” is found on two different tales . Shakespeare in his double plot has masterly treated the characters of Belmont and Venice. The sudden plan of Portia to release  friend, her disguise and her elopement as young and Doctor appears as a simple and natural result of her character which would seem improbable to any other women.

She shines forth all her divine self. Her intellectual power, scene of Religion, high honourable principal, her best feelings as a woman are all displayed in trial scene. She eloquent vegans by an appeal to Shylock's mercy in the trial scene. But Shylock remains unmoved. She next attacks his avarice. At last when the crisis arrives , she recovers his property and triumphs and turns the table against Shylock that he will exactly a pound of flesh no more, no less and not even a drop of blood.

In the casket scene she fears the issue of trial on which more than her life is hazarded. Though she trembles, her hope is stronger than her fears and when Bassanio has fixed on the right casket she becomes delighted than before. The tenderness and delicacy of a devoted women are blended here with all the dignity which is more becoming of her as the princely heiress of Belmont. Her reflection on the friendship between her husband and Antonio ar as full of deep meaning as her tenderness. She is in herself a piece of reality and yet a human being in whom the moral, intellectual and sentimental faculty are exquisite blended.

In fact , Portia was a dutiful daughter, complaiant obedient to her  will . She was truly innocent young woman who possessed “god like amity”. She was an advocate of mercy who destroyed Shylock and mocked the suitor she found unfavorable. She was a wealthy and independent woman-who gives herself willingly to her husband’s authority. Moreover, she stands for female resistance in male world: she preserves values and believes in both Venice and Belmont.  Shakespeare Portrait of Portia is unique. Portia represents all the beauty that the world of imagination can possess. Thus , she comes from Belmont and rescues the people in Venice from their crisis.

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