Short note on Bassanio( Merchant of Venice)

Bassanio in Shakespeare's Dramas "The Merchant of Venice" is the steadiest young man in Venice. He has considerable bad qualities but he also has considerable good qualities.

First, Bassanio is a reckless youth with no wisdom or thought for the future. He has spent Whatever fortu he had instead of living within the scope of his financial means. He hasn't learned from anything that has transpired before the play opens that may have contributed to the loss of all his financial resources. He pleads with his devoted friend Antonio to loan him money with which he can put on a show, a pretense, of wealth to impress the fair Portia. Bassanio stands by while Antonio unrealistically agrees it impossible terms on a loan that is secured on a wish and a prayer instead of on material reality.

About Bassanio's good qualities we can say that he has the energy and enthusiasm of youth. He is devoted in his admiration for Portia. He is a staunch and loyal friend. His friendship for Antonio goes beyond loyalty when he offers to take Antonio's place in the court hearing over the unfulfilled repayment of the loan taken from Shylock. Bassanio offers his own hand , head or heart in place of  the pound of flesh that is due to Shylock to be cut from Antonio. So, in opposition to his bad qualities, Bassanio offers true friendship; true loyalty; true love; true devotion.

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