History of Commonwealth Age Literature

This period, like the previous two periods, belonged to the Puritan Age. Only  in this period there was no monarch in England. After the death of Charles I, Oliver Cromwell , the Puritan leader , came to power. He died in 1658 when his son Richard Cromwell became the ruler of England. He ruled England till 1660. In this period ‘Puritianism’became gradually unpopular. The English people realized that monarch was essential for them.

Major Writers of the Period and Their Major Works:

John Milton did not write anything important in this period.
Thomas Hobbies (1588-1679), a political philosopher :
“Leviathan” (1651)
Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667)
“Holly Living” (1650)
“Holly dying” (1651)
Vaughan (1621-95) and Marvell (1621-78) continue writing.

The influence of Renaissance and Puritanism diedom out by the end of this period. The Elizabethan romantic exuberance ended in this period.

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