Chorus is a group of performers who sing , dance at time take part in the action of a play. The number of persons in a chorus may be reduced from a group to a single person. According to Aristotle (Poetics, Chapter XII) it is one of the constituent elements of tragedy. The function of Chorus in Classical tragedies are many. It-
Determines the structure of a Greek tragedy;
Creates background and sets tone and atmosphere;
Comments on past and present events and hints at what is coming next;
Sometimes takes part in action;
Covers the time gap between episodes;
Affirms the wise views of the society;
Gives touches of religious solemnity and common humanity;
Chorus is an integral part of all classical tragedies. Sophocles has used it in Oedipus Rex , Oedipus Colonus and Antigone . Modern writers have also used it. Marlowe has used it in Doctor Faustus ; Milton has used it in Samson Agonistes .  Some modern dramatists replaced the chorus by a character. For example , the fool in King Lear does what the chorus would have done.

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