The God of light, prophecy, healing , music and archary. He is also the protector of herds. He has several epithets (titles): Phoebus (brilliant or shining); Delian ( ad born in the island of Deolos) ; Pythian (as he killed a Python); the Sminthian ( the mouse-god) and the Lycian (the god of Lycia). He was the son of Zeus and Leto. Zeus loved Leto, the daughter of Phoebe and Coeus. But when she  pregnant Zeus left her for fear of Hers, his wife. None gave a shelter to Leto because all were afraid of Hers. At last reached a piece of land floating on the sea. No human being lived there. It was called Delos. She asked Delos for shelter and was granted. Artemes and Apollo were born there. Apollo was the god of truth and his Oracles were told at Delphi under towering Parnassus . He favoured the Trojans in  Homer’s Iliad. Sophocles made significant uses of Apollo’s Oracles in his tragedies.

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