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A mortal, the son of Thetis, a sea goddess, and Peleus  , a mortal man who was the King of Phthia. He was educated by Phoenix . When he was born , his mother wanted to make him immortal. The Olympians believed that the water of the Styx , the main river in the underworld, made life immortal. So, she caught his heel by which she held him. For this reason, his heel was vulnerable. In the battle of Troy , Paris killed him by shooting arrow at that weak point. Achilles’s heel , an idiom derived from this myth , means weak point.

 Achilles ‘ mother tried to prevent his preparation in the Trojan War by disguising him as a maiden at the Court of Lycomedes . Calchas , the Greek fortune-teller , revealed Achilles ‘ hiding place where he was detected by Odysseus. He finally joined the Greeks  ‘s war against the Trojans. He was the strongest fighter among all the Greeks . He looked deeply and hated violently. His wrath is the subject of the “Iliad” .  The main flaw of his character were his excessive anger and pride.

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